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Eroll Maxhuni

Teaches Full-Stack Software Engineering and Software Quality Assurance (QA) Engineering

Short Bio

Quick-thinker, outgoing, and a fun personality, Eroll is a highly-skilled Front End Developer with a great passion for life. Born in Mitrovica and lived there for a few years until their family moved to the heart of Montreal, a large city in Canada. Then moved back to his old city Mitrovica, continuing his education. Introduced to the technology in his early states. He has a burning desire to create beautiful distinguished sites and help others do the same. Tutoring the new practicants coming on team. In the evenings, you can find Eroll spending time with his newborns, Gega and Toska and his incredible wife, Fjolla. They are the motivation that drives Eroll to push through all barriers and makes him a better developer and human. They often go fishing or ice-skating, both of those huge passions of Eroll.

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